Wishin' Away Time

by Regis Schratz

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This is the first original song I ever published to YouTube, so naturally it's a bit choppy.


[Guitar Chords: (Capo on 4th fret)
G Em C D ]
Don't waste time wishin' away time that you have left,
'cuz every precious moment you get here is a gift.
Even though you sit there starin' at that clock,
Fate is waiting for you; He's right there, knock, knock, knock, knock,
Knocking at that door and waiting for your call.
When your journey's over, will you have done it all?

[Guitar Chords: (Capo on 4th fret)
Em C G D ]
Last period: English; an hour left to go.
Suzie Phizzlemeir was trudging home, walking through the snow.
Problem was that was in her mind as she copied down the notes.
She wanted to escape to the world of Double Chocolate Rainbows.
She really liked the Internet. Wait, you thought she was high?
Using Twitter most of all, she talked to this one guy.
Finally, the bell had rung and she bolted out of there.
Didn't have any time to stop when her bow fell out of her hair.


Ronny Thomas, he was running out of time.
Senior prom was today, so he'd need a date by 9.
He could just bring his sophomore friend, and make it a night for fun,
but when it came to girls he wanted, there was only one.
Too bad that his mind and his heart were constantly at war:
"She won't reject you, I swear." "No! We've been through this before!
She'll turn me down for sure and my heart will be in shambles."
"Doesn't matter; You love her like gamblers love to gamble."


Ron took a glance at the clock; Five minutes remained.
He made an internal pact before his courage waned.
Swore he'd make up for the time he wished he had been with her.
Concerning knowing this girl, he was quite the connoisseur.
When the bell rang, he sprung up 'cuz he was on a mission.
He was going to do it. Yes! He was bursting with ambition!
His confidence evaporated when he reached her seat;
in her place was nothing but a bow by Ronny's feet.


Suzie was alone; she didn't care; it was just another day.
She'd never gone to a dance and life was easier that way.
Suddenly, "One new @ reply" popped up on her screen.
In no reference to anything, she said, "What could this mean?!"
Her Twitter pal who'd known her better than any of her friends did,
informed her that tonight, her danceless life would be mended.
At this moment, the doorbell rang. She expected to see him
standing there when she answered it, but to her chagrin,
all she could see was a note on the ground right next to her bow.
Although creped out and mildly surprised, this night didn't blow.
Anxiously, she read it, making sure she read it right.
"Will you join me to dance on this, your special night?
Love, Ronny Thomas (@TomRon)" Suzie literally jumped for joy.
She never dreamed her crush and soul mate could be the same boy.



released January 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Regis Schratz Boston, Massachusetts

This is a place for Regis Schratz to experiment with his mediocre music talents! I hope you enjoy my mission to improve my skills!

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